Cypri Cowl

Cypri, from the winter 2013 issue of Twist Collective, can easily be modified into cowl.

cypri cowl by Amanda Scheuzger

I began by casting on enough stitches to work 11 repeats of Chart A.  After joining in the round, I worked 12 rounds of garter stitch (alternating knit and purl rounds) in my main color.  I continued alternating knit and purl rounds while working Chart A.  When I got to Chart B, I worked only stitches 30 to 57 of the chart on each round, these continue the stitches from the end of Chart A.  I also omitted the edge decreases.  At the end of Chart B, I worked 12 more rounds of garter stitch in the main color, then bound off.  

The final cowl is 9 inches high and about 42 inches around, enough to wrap twice.


Amanda ScheuzgerComment