I am excited to announce the latest offering from Handmaine Knits

Hand-Dyed Yarns 


I started experimenting in the dyepots last summer, and found that I absolutely love the challenge of hand-dyeing yarn. It is a different creative process than knitwear design, but I think it compliments it perfectly and will allow me to explore both in more depth.

Yarns are available for purchase in my HandmaineKnits Etsy shop.


Summer Fun: Colors inspired by some of my favorite summer things

Pool Party

Inspired by warm weather and summer fun, this color is a barely there, tonal aqua blue with flashes of magenta, tangerine, teal, and green.

Fruit Smoothie

Inspired by the perfect poolside drink, this color is a bright, tropical magenta with speckles of raspberry pink, blueberry, and papaya orange.


Like the palest pink Foxglove blooms, this color is a tonal apricot and pale pink with speckles of bright pink and peachy gold.

Deep End

Life is cool by the pool! This color is a tonal aquatic blue, with teal and turquoise and a hint of the depths of the deep end.

The Maine Collection: This first line of colors I have developed is inspired by the beauty I am surrounded with living in Maine.

Thunder Hole

I grew up in the Midwest, so of course, one of the most impressive aspects of living in Maine is the ocean. Thunder Hole is a small inlet carved in the rocky coast of Acadia National Park. When the waves roll in, you can experience the thunderous power of the sea. This colorway is a deep, moody, tonal teal with a navy glaze and is finished with green and brown speckles.


The ragged ledges of Pemaquid Point is one of my family's favorite Maine landmarks, and a spectacular example of the Maine coastline. This colorway is a pale, rocky, warm 'greige' with earthy gold, teal, and brown speckles.

Night Sky

Maine is a very rural state with a low-level of light pollution and it has the largest stretch of dark-sky in the Eastern United States. Still, I am amazed at the celestial display every time I look up at Maine’s night sky. This colorway is a dark grey with blue undertones and specks of gold, green, and red, all laced with the mysteries of the midnight sky.

The Night Sky Sock Set comes with two 10 gram mini-skeins - Blue Moon and Golden Glow - for knitting contrasting heels and toes.

Gardens Aglow

In November, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens transforms itself into an inspiring winter wonderland with its magnificent lights display. It takes me back to my childhood and the excitement I would feel when the neighborhood was aglow in color. Gardens Aglow has an icy teal tonal base lit up with emerald, sapphire, amber, and ruby speckles, and the magic of holiday lights.

The Gardens Aglow Sock Set comes with two 10 gram mini-skeins - Golden Glow and Christmas Cactus - for knitting contrasting heels and toes.

The Gemstones Collection

Tourmaline Bouquet

Tourmaline Bouquet is inspired by the range of the colors of the tourmaline stone, which reminds me of a bouquet of flowers: A pinkish-mauve tonal base speckled with magenta, purple, and green.


Lepidolite is a calm mid-grey with undertones of a soft mauve.


Inspired by the amethyst geode, this colorwat is a muted tonal purple, full of balance and harmony.


Inspired by the Rhodolite Garnet gemstone, this colorway is a deep red tonal with hints of magenta and a splash of good fortune


Sapphire has deep, tonal royal and navy blues laced with the slightest hint of teal - reminiscent of the rarest Montana Sapphires


Peridot is a warm and energetic tonal yellow-green


This colorway is a pale, watery, tonal blue