3 Fun Ways to Use Jul Closures

The Latch Leather Closure from Jul Designs

The Latch Leather Closure from Jul Designs

I love these leather closures from Jul Designs, have you seen them? I just finished a sweater design that uses the Latch Closure (more about that next spring), and I can't stop thinking of ways to use other products from Jul. 

These screw in closures are quite versatile.  They have a post on the back side of the leather that slides through the knit fabric, between the stitches.  A small screw and washer on the back hold the post in place. This means you can position, or reposition, it after the sweater is completed - no buttonholes necessarry. Since they are not permanently attached, you can use them on different sweaters.  I have found that the knitting does not have to be at a large gauge to use them.  The design I just completed was knit on size 5 needles, and the posts fit just fine. When I had to reposition it several times, the stitches bounced right back into place after removing the closures.

There are a multitude of uses on shawls and cowls, take a look at this page for lots of inspiration. However, these are the ways I would use them on sweaters:

1.  Use it to cinch closed your favorite open front cardi when you need a bit of extra warmth.

2. Place one at the base of a shawl collar on a pullover sweater for a boutique designer look.

3. Add a latch on each side for a fun addition to a notched hem sweater.

So, what would you do with Jul closures?