I released a new shawl pattern - Sagitta!  This is an asymmetric shawl with alternating lace and garter stitch panels designed to showcase the beauty of gradient set of 6 mini-skeins.  Cables in the garter stitch sections flow out of the lace pattern and are created with traveling slipped stitches worked over a striped backdrop.  The design looks more complicated that it is because only one color is worked at a time, the cable pattern is created by slipping the contrasting color stitches over the main color rows. The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry.

The yarn used is Seven Sisters Arts Meridian, a fingering weight 75% super wash merino/25%nylon blend.  I choose the Transition Metals gradient set with a single skein of Citron for contrast.  Seven Sisters Arts has so many gorgeous gradient color ways to choose from, it was really hard to decide on just one.  Karen, the talent behind this hand dyed yarn company, and I had fun putting together color combinations on instagram, here are a few of my favorites:

From left: (all yarn is Seven Sisters Arts Meridian)  Grassroots  with  Mood Indigo ;  Chartreuse  with  Azalea ;  Raven's Wing  with  Nickel ;  Transition Metals  with  Mead .

From left: (all yarn is Seven Sisters Arts Meridian) Grassroots with Mood Indigo; Chartreuse with Azalea; Raven's Wing with Nickel; Transition Metals with Mead.

While the pattern calls for a 6-skein gradient set, I have included a modification to work the shawl with a 5-skein set.  Some of my test knitters chose this option, and were able to work it with 133 yard minis.  If you want to work a smaller shawl with skeins that are less that 130 yards, there are modification instructions below.  I will include these in the pattern with the next update, which will hopefully include the written instructions for the charts (I am working on this version now).


Small Mini-Skein Modification

measurements: about 70 inches wingspan, and 16” at deepest point.

yarn:  MC - 400 yards of fingering weight yarn; CC - 5 mini-skeins, approximately 100 yards each, of fingering weight yarn 

Modification Instructions

Section 1 Work per pattern instructions. (26 sts)

Skip sections 2 and 3.

Sections 4-13, work charts per pattern instructions, substituting colors as indicated below. The stitch count at the end of each section is given below.

Section 4 (lace, color CC1) 53 sts.

Section 5 (garter stitch, colors CC1 and MC) 64 sts.

Section 6 (lace, color CC2) 86 sts.

Section 7 (garter stitch, colors CC2 and MC) 97 sts.

Section 8 (lace, color CC3) 114 sts.

Section 9 (garter stitch, colors CC3 and MC) 125 sts.

Section 10 (lace, color CC4) 136 sts.

Section 11 (garter stitch, colors CC4 and MC) 147 sts.

Section 12 (lace, color CC5) 152 sts.

Section 13 (garter stitch, colors CC5 and MC) 163 sts.

Section 14 (lace, color MC) With MC, work rows 1-22 of Lace Chart E three times. 196 sts (Note: An extra repeat is added to this section to increase the size of the shawl, if you prefer, you can work just two repeats of chart E.)

Section 15 (garter, color MC) With MC work rows 1-23 of Garter Chart G. 207 sts.  Loosely bind off all stitches knit-wise.