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These are few of my favorite things:

Mini-skein set from Seven Sisters Arts

Mini-Skeins - They are little, cute, and colorful. What's not to love? They are even better when they come in a range of gradient colors, like this Ultraviolet color shift set from Seven Sisters Arts. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen, the dyer of these beautiful yarns, at her Fiber Frolic booth last weekend.  It was fun to learn a little about her process in creating a cohesive color collection. 

The While She Naps Podcast - I first learned about Abby Glassenberg from the Craft Sanity podcast. I recently discovered that she has her own podcast - and it is great. She interviews crafters and creative entrepreneurs. You get to hear their inspiring stories, and as a bonus, they give lots of recommendations for fun things like tools, books, and web finds.

Stitch patterns on Pinterest - I love stitch dictionaries, and have plenty on my bookshelf. But lately, I have been using Pinterest it as a place to collect stitch patterns.  Be warned that many of them come from foreign language sites (so you may have to work at translating) and some of them look like questionable copies of pages from books. Still, you can find a lot of inspiring stitches there.

Victorinox SwissCard - This is a credit card sized swiss army knife, and it is one of my favorite knitting notions.  With scissors, a knife, a pen, a straight pin, a small magnifying glass, tweezers, a light, and a 3 inch ruler, I use this tool every day.